Insect and Grub Control

  • Perimeter Pest Control Program: The perimeter pest control program is a preventative service that keeps insects from entering your home. We treat your home 4- 5 times a season, approximately every 40-45 days, applying a liquid barrier treatment on the outside of your home, spraying your foundation, and entry points, such as windows, doorways, and downspouts were insects can enter your home. This program treats for crawling insects such as, ants and carpenter ants, centipedes, silverfish, millipedes, spiders, and more.
  • Grub Treatment:  We apply Dylox grub control in the spring and fall if you have a problem. Dylox grub control is a curative contact control. Its put down on the lawn and watered in, once it comes in contact with the grub worms they die. Dylox grub control targets existing grubs that are damaging your lawn. Grubs feed on the roots of your lawn causing the plant to die, grub damage appears as brown areas as the grub consumes more roots. 
  • Grub Preventative: We apply a Merit grub control June or July to prevent grubs from infesting you lawn, this product prevents the grub eggs from maturing, thus preventing active grub damage.